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PostPosted: Sun 24. Jan 2016, 14:08 
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Joined: Tue 1. Oct 2013, 17:23
Posts: 2176
Location: Germany
New in 3.1.6:

Attention: Please update Cars.carpack!!!

Fixed: Event filter for zodiac and country (show: ... 3108#p3108), please reset them.
Fixed: Phonebook: You could not meet a girl on Sunday.
Fixed: Bug with phonegirl transition and handyman.
Fixed: You were able to invite a whore with too low relation (show: ... ?f=5&t=631)
Fixed: Editors can now save the girl's image to the given directory (show: ... ?f=5&t=632)

Change: The 'NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT' in the Mall was disabled if you work as a burglar.
Change: You can't work as a burglar if you work as a handyman.
Change in Editors: Interests and phrases now occupy the same row to get more space for the scene list.
Change in Editors: The "Girl's home" property has been moved from girl to scene data. Now you can mark only those pink bedrooms and leave the other ones alone.
Change in scene editors: Tool menu was moved to position list context menu.
Change in scene editors: Remove all leading non-letter characters while using nice position names (show: ... ?f=5&t=637)

New: You can now go into the rooms/locations at your home. Activities will be available according to the room.
New: Navigate to rooms/locations at your home via picture buttons on the left side.
New: Drive to City via picture buttons on the top. They show your car/bicycle or a taxi.
New: If your girlfriend visits you or you are at your girl's place, you have to find the girl to have sex with her. Search for her, she will tell you the room she's in.
New: Show the furnitures you bought in each room.
New: You can throw out furnitures to buy new/better ones. Right-click the furniture shown in the room to do this.
New: Show sex toys needed for position as hint window.
New: Your girlfriend will get mad if she's at your home and you call another girl/your buddy/a whore.
New in User Setting: Under the Misc tab you can set another folder for Scoreville, e.g. on an external or bigger drive.
New: Eat! You must eat something. Do it at home in your kitchen or in the cafe, in the bar/restaurant or hotel bar. There are new items you can buy for a meal at home.
New: New stat "Hygiene". Many activities have an effect on hygiene. Take a shower or go swimming to reduce the effect.
New: Pre-sex and sex locations show the background according to home position, see also: Scene editors.
New: Winter is coming! Some locations are not available between November and February.
New: From December 24 to 26 you can see a christmas tree in your home. Set it in User Settings (Misc. tab) from "No" to "Yes".

New in Editors: You can now abort long save or extract operations.
New in Editors: Girls can be multi-selected, it's now easier to split one large girlpack into several small ones.
New in Editors: Working paths were consolidated, now there are only GirlScenes and ExtractedScenes.
New in scene editors: Sort locations (show: ... 3108#p3108)
New in scene editors: Scrollbars, if window contents is larger than screen resolution
New in scene editors: Word list for search & replace/spelling for use with nice position names (show: ... ?f=5&t=637)
New in scene editors: Scene home position will set the starting background, each position/cumshot can change it to a different background. Improve your girlpacks!
New in scene editors: You can now skip to the previous/next video to quickly check if all of them play.

New in Lister: Column "Sex Toys", show/hide it via options.

Download: ... =directory

If you have trouble with old girlpacks, please delete Girlpacks.cache and use this fix:

PostPosted: Tue 26. Jan 2016, 19:12 
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Joined: Tue 1. Oct 2013, 17:23
Posts: 2176
Location: Germany
New in 3.1.7:

Attention: Please update Cars.carpack!!!

Fixed: Handle girlpacks saved prior to the introduction of Sex Chat (show: ... ?f=3&t=644)

Changed: More robust girlpack loading, erroneous files are skipped.
Changed: More robust girlpack cache writing, errors won't create/change the cache file.

New in scene editors: Show video information for silent movies without audio track.

Download: ... r/download

PostPosted: Sat 30. Apr 2016, 08:20 
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Joined: Tue 1. Oct 2013, 17:23
Posts: 2176
Location: Germany
Please update Furniture.furniturepack!

Fixed: Crash on mouse hover over bicycle button at home, after car was stolen.
Fixed: Disable "Have sex" button for Burglary/PoliceStation, if relationship too low (show: ... ?f=5&t=631)
Fixed: Threesomes will now play in VIP Bordello, if second girl selected.
Fixed: No more gray background in bordellos, if home position is not "Any".
Fixed: No more vanishing positions in second dirty dream and onward.

Change: Chance of snowfall in Winter. Set it in User Settings (Chance tab).
Change: Sex chat will now use position name instead of chat button text.

Change in Editors: Saving girlpacks will create a temporary copy on target drive by default, the designated temp folder (mainly on OS partition) can be used optionally.

New: "HolidayBeach" and "HolidayPool" in SpecialLocation work only in TropicalLocation (show: ... 3301#p3301).
For example: Location "Pool" and SpecialLocation "HolidayPool" works only in TropicalLocation. Location "Pool" and SpecialLocation "Any" works in SwimmingpoolLocation.
New: Take a meal in Tropical- or WinterLocation.
New: Scenes can be made available on special calendar days only.
New: Option to enable/disable the sex toy tool tip during sex scenes (show: ... ?f=3&t=651)
New: Option to enable/disable an additional blur effect on the background image (show: ... ?f=3&t=659)
New: 4 new rooms in mansion: Balcony (also in LuxuryApartment), BilliardRoom, GymRoom and Sauna
New: Player items "Bathrobe" and "Towel" for Sauna, "Shampoo" and "Soap" for Bathroom
New: Miscellaneous option to invert mouse wheel scrolling on sliders and in girl/furniture/car selection dialogs.
New: Work as a Taxi driver and earn money. Drive passengers (girls) around the Scoreville town. New locations are "TaxiDrive" and "TaxiOffice".
New: New game location Outskirts, where you can work as a farm boy or serve in the military. New locations are "Farm" and "Military".
New: Take a meal in Scoreville's new first diner: McScoreville's! New location is "Diner".

New in Editors: Remove multiple selected girls.
New in Editors: Warning message, if girl to be removed has still got scenes.
New in Editors: Support for progress in taskbar icon.
New in Editors: Show privacy warning after saving, if girlpack contains directory structure.

New in scene editors: Warnings, if some scene or position properties aren't set.
New in scene editors: change the arousal from girl or player or change the home position for multiple selected positions via mouse right click;

New in Lister: Column "Calender Event", show/hide it via options.

Download 1: ... rce=navbar
Download 2:
Download 3:

Pass: scoreville

Here is a fix for the new TwoGirlsEditor: ... ?f=5&t=687

PostPosted: Sun 16. Oct 2016, 09:40 
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Joined: Tue 1. Oct 2013, 17:23
Posts: 2176
Location: Germany
New in 3.2.9:

Fixed in TwoGirlsSceneEditor: For multiple selected positions you can't change the arousal for the second girl and can't change the home position.
Fixed: Scene in phonebook during school holiday.
Fixed: Can't drive to school location.
Fixed: Stop running timers if quitting the game in military base or jail (show: ... ?f=5&t=688)
Fixed: Sex scene with girlfriend and her girlfriend (show: ... ?f=5&t=704)
Fixed: Girlfriend handling at home, if she has no home scenes (show: ... ?f=5&t=717)

New: Girl's Home is now available for threesomes and two girls.
New: New cars and new upgrades for cars.
New: Evening classes in the University. It's open from 18 to 23 o'clock betwwen monday and friday.
New: Work as an Investment Banker in the Bank, earn more money with a higher risk of bankruptcy.
New: Work as a Chief Physician in the Hopital, earn more money with a higher risk because of botch jobs.
New for 7 jobs: You must go to the evening classes and learn, if the last work was a long time ago.
New: Sin concept. Each sexual encounter will raise this value depending on the number of girls. There is the chance of the same value that you feel ashamed of yourself and won't have sex.
New: Church location, where you can confess your sins or work as a priest. Position locations are "Nun" and "Priest".
New: Chance encounter during city transition for a wedding, new location is "Wedding".

New in scene editors / game: Set a scene to blowjob only. In the game the girl arousal is not shown.
New in editors: Context menu on phrase list, added "Remove all" function.
New in editors: Missing countries added.
New in editors: You can now sort all girls by name before publishing a girlpack.
New in editors: Main window is resized on start-up, if initial height is larger than desktop height.
New in scene editors: Show warning, if home position of scene does not match first position.
New in TwoGirlsEditor: Swap girls of common scene.

Changed: More robust car/car upgrades/furniture pack loading, erroneous files are skipped.
Changed: Prices for the cars.
Changed: Moved aviation study to the Airport.
Changed: The University is open up to 23 o'clock.
Changed: Library is always open during university opening times. New location is "Library" in the scene editors.
Changed: Rename 1 hour Shower to Bath, more hygiene and energy points during bath or shower.
Changed: No dropdown menu while buying furnitures, use the left buttons to switch to the home location furnitures.
Changed: Cumshots will now be played in stripclubs. They are added after all positions, since there is no girl arousal.
Changed: Use your own vehicle to drive to a phone girl's location rather than use a taxi. This will take 1 hour if you only have a bicycle, so rent a car first.
Changed in TwoGirlsEditor: A common scene can now be loaded to any girl pairing. Use this to duplicate parts for other girls.

Download: ... r/download

PostPosted: Sun 11. Jun 2017, 06:40 
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Joined: Tue 1. Oct 2013, 17:23
Posts: 2176
Location: Germany
New in 3.3.5:

Fixed: Buy furnitures for player room (show: ... ?f=5&t=747)
Fixed: Player cannot sleep in the hotel penthouse suite, if not in holidays.

New: Introducing more than 2 girls per scene. Former TwoGirlsPacks will be converted.
New: Up to 3 girl images per scene are shown. If more girls take part a small counter will appear.
New: During the fuck again popup you can choose to fuck multiple girls or each individual girl again.
New: You can visit your buddy's home and hope for a surprise visit of girl(s). Scene property "Girl's home" was changed to "Home" with values Player/Girl/Buddy.
New: Introduction of girl solo/lesbian scenes. You can now spy on girls at all locations, except clubs. Spying at home locations can only be done at player's/girl's/buddy's home. Scene property "Only Blowjob" was changed to "Satisfaction" with values Both/Male/Female.
New: Railroad stations on the city map. Take the train through Scoreville. Meet girls at the stations or on the train. The new position location are "RailroadStation" and "RailroadTrain".
New: Meet a girl while riding a bicycle, new location is "Bicycle".
New: Go on foot to the city, next to driving with car or taxi.
New: Some new animated GIFs for Street Racing or Fight Club in Downtown.
New: Girls, cars and furnitures are reloaded if you change the game's base directory via settings.
New: Pictograms for location on the city map.

Changed: Evening classes can now be chosen, if several jobs require them at the same time.
Changed: Random chance to meet a girl while moving through the city, "SexInCar" and "DowntownStreet" are available during city transition.

Removed: TwoGirlsEditor, all packs can be loaded and edited with the normal Editor.

PostPosted: Fri 6. Apr 2018, 18:45 
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Joined: Tue 1. Oct 2013, 17:23
Posts: 2176
Location: Germany
after a long time ...
New in 3.3.8:

Update to .NET 4.6.1 (Windows XP no longer supported)

Fixed: Loading of very old Girlpacks (without ID)
Fixed: Loading of very old TwoGirlpacks (without first/second girl ID)

New: Phone girls will visit you at home, you have to search for them. This way spy scenes are possible.
New: Use your smartphone while driving. Buy one in the East Mall.
New: A girl will send you (dirty) selfies on the smartphone now and then. Be careful, if you text and drive.
New: More event filters (EyeColor, Piercings, MinCup, MaxCup)
New: Quick save with F5
New: Buy some web cams to install as hidden cam at girlfriend's home, at your buddy or in the mansion. Watch the shows in mansion in the studyroom or via smartphone.
New: New locations named "Shopping" (in East Mall) and "HiddenCam" (for web cams).
New: Buy some new gifts for your girlfriend in the East Mall.
New: 7 bio data (birthday, measurements, interests, zodiac, country, tattoos, piercings) can be asked of each girl and are randomly checked after each flirt.
New: Rolodex to keep up with all girls' data.
New in editor: Merge scenes
New in editor: Birthday, which will calculate age and zodiac. You can later edit the age, in case the girl stopped working.
New in editor: Eye color, bust, cup, waist, hip and piercings.
New in editor: Alias names, in case the girl is listed under a different name somewhere else.
New in editor: Selfies, a group of images available at a given relationship level.
New in editor: Web request for girl's data.
New in editor: Options to exclude girl's data from updating.
New in scene editor: Check for 0-byte movie files.
New in scene editor: Calculate minimum arousal(s) based on previous positions.
New in scene editor: On new location "HiddenCam" you can put only ONE file to the positions list.
New in lister: Check alias names, if filtering for a girl's name.

Changed: The mall was divided into East- and Westmall.
Changed: New handling of multiple cumshots, they will all be shown after simultaneous orgasms.
Changed: Savegames will now be stored in ..\Documents\My Games\Scoreville, this is a more prominent/visible location than \AppData. Old saves are automatically copied to new location.
Changed: Start-up time optimized, girlpacks are loaded much faster from cache.
Changed in editor: Converted girlpacks will be saved to itself, a different file is no longer created.
Changed in editor: Read-only girlpacks will now be overwritten.

Download: ... r/download

PostPosted: Sat 15. Sep 2018, 18:25 
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Joined: Tue 1. Oct 2013, 17:23
Posts: 2176
Location: Germany
New in 3.4.1:

Fixed: Bug for Handyman (show: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=823).
Fixed: Bug for spying girlfriend in mansion via smartphone
Fixed: Bug for new player to see all rooms if he has not a mansion

New: Show a button on CityScreen if the girlfriend is not at her home (to ask her where she is located).
New: Spy via WebCam if the girlfriend has sex with another man (girl) and angryly drive to her and watch what she's doing (join, if there is a scene with buddy)
New: Spy via WebCam if the buddy has sex and drive to him (join if there is a scene with buddy)
New: Optional positioning of info bar on left-hand side
New: Location "Cheerleader" is available at the school.
New in lister: Addional column for girlpack's file name. As usual it can be hidden using the options.
New in lister: Girlpack's file name is available as tool tip in image view, too.

Changed: Girlfriend gets three new rooms: Balcony, Hallway + Study room and new background images for kitchen + bath room.

Changed: Buddy gets a new room: Hallway and new background images for kitchen + bath room.
Changed: If the girlfriend is in a different location than her home (bar, cafe, nightclub or others), the player cannot drive to her home.
Changed: No webcam scene if the girlfriend is in a different location than her home (bar, cafe, nightclub or others).

Download: ... r/download

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