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Welcome to Scoreville
I see you just moved into the room across the hall. Welcome to Scoreville! This room’s a dump, I know, but it’s all I can afford for now. You too more than likely! I’ve only been here a few days myself, but here’s what I’ve learned about this town so far.
First of all, you’re going to need to explore the town. You can do this by hiring a cab for $15 or riding your bike. The bike takes more time, but until you start earning some money, ride baby ride! Always spend your money wisely.
To move up in Scoreville you need to increase all of your stats. There’s no time limit so you can go as fast or as slow as you want, but I recommend you concentrate on these right away. What’s the point of living in a town full of hotties when they’ll barely talk to you? You can go swimming, go to the gym, attend school or the University; opportunities are everywhere. Pay attention to operating hours and closing times though. If a place isn’t open you can’t even go there, and if you’re inside when the places closes you get kicked out! Spend a day or two just exploring the town. Be careful when going to the bad parts of town though, at least for a while. The cops around here are both gorgeous and horny, and when they catch you breaking the law they’ll give you the choice of sex or jail. If you choose jail, they take all your money! If you choose to have sex with them, do whatever it takes to satisfy them! If you don’t satisfy them, they’ll still take some of your money and ruin your libido. The more satisfied they are, the less they take. Always carry some Viagra on you if you can afford to! You can buy it in the Drugstore located inside the mall. Break the law at your own risk. By the way, Viagra is your best friend. You aren’t ready to worry about your reputation or libido yet, but when you start having success with girls, make sure to satisfy them. Failure to do so decreases your libido, and the girl you screwed up with will tell EVERYONE! There goes your hard-earned reputation. It takes a lot of work to build, and losing it sucks almost as much as poverty.
There isn’t much work available to newbies like us. No work means no money, and poverty SUCKS. Find a job you want to do, look at the minimum skill requirements, and then increase those skills. Every job has minimum skill requirements. Here’s a little tip that can help with the money situation. Start with the jobs that won’t take a lot of time to develop skills for. You can always change jobs later. The lottery in this town pays out pretty well. You can buy a ticket for $5 at the store – buy one if you can afford to. DAILY. Buying the $Million lottery ticket costs $10, I’ll leave that decision up to you though.
That should be enough to get you started building a life in town, but we haven’t talked about the main reason we’re all here yet. The Girls! They’re pretty easy to meet, but building a relationship with them is the same as anywhere else. Don’t try and pick up the hottest girl in town right from the start. I did manage to pick up a really hot blonde my second day here, but as soon as she got back to my crappy apartment she simply left. Work your way up to the Goddesses, stick to the doable girls with lower ratings at first. Even some of those girls are stunning! Here’s a word of advice from the sucker that fell for it. There’s a tranny running around town! If you’re into that, more power to you! Personally I’m not, and when I got her home and undressed her, she had friggin’ BALLS! I could tell you her name, but where’s the fun in that? I’ll say this though; she completely fooled me! She looked hot with the beer goggles on.
While you’re talking to the girls, pay attention to their attraction level. If you start out with pleasant conversation, the attraction will build. As the level rises, you can get a little bolder with what you say. The idea is to develop a relationship with a girl before trying to get her in the sack. Once the bar is full, the next time you see her you’ll notice you’ve earned a star. I’ve even heard some guys earn a high enough relationship with a girl that they make things a little more permanent. You’ll have to figure out how that all works for yourself.
I mentioned earlier that a lot of girls won’t stick around if you live in the cheap apartment building. You can go across the street to the Housing office to see what other living arrangements are available. You’re going to need a better place to live before you can hook up with the hotter girls. That takes money. Money requires a job. A job requires skills. Skills take time. Get the idea?
Once you’ve played for a while, you’ll see girls running around you have no interest in. There’s even a chance a girl you really like isn’t even here. That can all be changed too, but for now just get a feel for living in the greatest city on the friggin’ planet – SCOREVILLE!

If you don't want to get punched in the throat, don't wear a bowtie to a football game.

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Forum locked  This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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