A couple suggestions

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A couple suggestions

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There are a few things I've been doing with the game and I wanted to see if maybe they could be implemented in a more official way.

1) Sexting/Selfies - At random points in the day, based on relation level, you have a chance of getting a text from a girl with a selfie, along with whatever custom text you add, just to sort of break up the routine of the day. A lot of pornstars have Twitters and Instagrams with pictures that are perfect for this.

For example, I've been talking to Megan but her first sex scene isn't till relation 4. At relation 2 she can send me a picture, so I still feel like I'm progressing. Right now I'm simulating this by making them "Dream" scenes and pretending the girl sends them overnight.

2) Cheating - Give each girl a "cheating" stat that will trigger if she is your girlfriend and you don't keep her happy. This can just be a scene where you walk in on her with another guy (and watch them) and then the relationship resets. Right now I'm doing this mixing POV and third person scenes. It's not perfect, but it kinda works.

3) Competition - Sort of a variation on the cheating thing. Have a mode where you and your buddy are competing to see who can score more girls. If your buddy scores, he sends you a video of the scene and that girl is no longer available for you. Same if you bang a girl, then he can't get her. This would be great for those of us that have HUGE lists of girls and never get to see most of them.