New in 1.9.4:

Fixed: Bug on FlirtPopUp
Fixed: Bug in Movieplayer by editors. The editors can be open when you play the game.
Fixed: Bug on University with Membership
Fixed: Bug on Seaport with Dockworkers
Fixed: Bug on Mall with Donation
Fixed: Bug on sexlocations. The game crashes with playertype and scene was zero.

Change: Flirt(speak) with a girl. You can better flirt if your have a lower reputation and New: the girl don't say GoodBye.

Change: Overwrite the TwoGirlsEditor for better handling with the girls.
But! I must set the commonscene to the first girl with all positions!
The Commonscene by the second girl is without positions, or the girlpack goes too large.
The CommonSceneList therefore does not respond to the second girl!
If different girls selected in both lists, it is still possible to edit the right CommonScene!

Change: Increased the number of positions from 18 to 24. You can put max. 24 positions to a scene in SceneEditor

Change: Versionsnumber to 1.9.4