New in 1.9.7:

Fixed: Bug on TwoGirlsEditor
Fixed: If you start the game before all gilrpacks loaded, the game can crash if you have a gilrfriend.

New: "Settings" Now you can change many settings for the game before you start a new game or load a game
New: You can buy luxury accessories for your livingroom.

Change: ReDesign of "Search a Girl" by NightClub and V.I.P.-NightClub. Click on picture for more girldetails or click on the flirtbutton.

Change/Overwrite/Bug fixed: Drive to locations. If you go to the Night Club by taxi, as long as you drive a taxi until you're back home. Drive with a taxi cost 15$ now.

Change: Versionsnumber to 1.9.7

Special-Thanks to OK666 for ideas and fixed bugs.