New in 2.0.7:

Fixed: any Bugs in TwoGirlsEditor
Fixed: Bug in all Sexlocations
Fixed: Bug in Dancehall and V.I.P.-Dancehall
Fixed: any Bugs all around the Game

New: You can have a car or bike accident and wake up in the hospitalroom. If you have a girlfriend, she can visit you (and you can have sex with her).

New: You can have an accident by sports (in Gym by "NormalWorkout"; in Park by "Run"; in Pool or Beach by "Swim").

New: More police action while driving with your car or bike. When you are driving intoxicated, you could even get into jail.
Drive you intoxicated repeatedly over 5, you go into jail for a week! You lost many money, reputation and your driver licence!
But you can have sex in the jail (Location is "PoliceStation").

New: For HomeLoaction (Girlhome if you have a girlfriend) or HotelRoom you can used to drive with a taxi or not, if you want to go to the city.

New: All girlpacks are cached on first start-up. This cache file is used in later runs, unless size or date of a girlpack change.

Change: Game settings are stored in a more compact format. Old files unfortunately are invalid.

Change: Version number to 2.0.7