New in 2.1.2:

Fixed: Bug in Sexlocation
Fixed: Bug in ThreesomeSexlocation
Fixed: Bug in FlirtPopup
Fixed: Bug in Downtown.

New: In the Gym you can train martial arts skills. After 30 training hours you can work as martial arts trainer. After 20 trainer hours you can visit FightClubLocation in Downtown.

New in DowntownStreets: New event for voyeur. You can see a girl showering or a couple having sex. (You see a new folder under Scoreville named "Videos". Put movies in that folder with extensions *.avi, *.mpg or *.wmv.) Additionally you have a chance to meet a dirty girl. New Location in Editor for this is "Bitch".
Change in Downtown: Removed the "CAR PARKING ZONE"! "DowntownCar" is no longer available in the SceneEditor, it is replaced by "SexInCar". Edit your girl packs to reflect this.

New on CityScreen: "Sex in Car"-Button. If you have girls with car sex, you must set the location to "SexInCar" and IsDay to "Day" or "Night" in the SceneEditor.

New/Change: Park is open until 22 o'clock. Please edit IsDay for your park girls to "Day" or "Night".
New/Change: Available girls on location will instantly change with the day/night cycle from now on. Edit your girl packs to reflect this.
New/Change: Toilet girls are randomly selected on each visit.
New/Change: Dealing drugs in the Park can land you in the recently introduced Jail.
New/Change: New Pictures for many Locations with day/night cycle.

New menu design in Flirt- and PhonePopup or in Clubs.

Design Change: "Drive to City" for HomeLocation, GirlHome (if you have a girlfriend) or HotelRoom.

Program code was optimized by OK666.

Change: Version number to 2.1.2