New in 2.4.2:

Fixed: Videos are now playable with all newer VLC versions, both in the games' sub-folder or installed in your system's program files. (show:
Fixed: Bug in Jail (show:
Fixed: Bug in Car, if flirting was aborted (show:
Fixed: Bug in Jail, if relationship is lower than required for scene (show:
Fixed: Bug in give Gift (show:

New/Change: Enabled threesomes for Bitch, Police and Toilet location
New: Display small icon if a girl has a tattoo (next to the phone icon)
Change: If there are both single and threesome scenes available for the same girl there is now a configurable chance to play either.
New: EventClubLocation. It's open from monday to sunday from 20 to 4 o'clock. Events are loaded from Events.xml and you can set the events from the mainpage. (show:

New/Change: Added convert function from single to common scene in TwoGirlsEditor, right-click on any single scene to use it.
New/Change: Both editors will show a larger movie preview if the scene editors are maximized.
New: Introduced a tool menu in both editor's scene editors, first function ist "Nice position names" to capitalize the first letter and trim leading/trailing spaces.
New: Introduced function "Set New Guid" in context menus of the editor's girl lists. See below.
New: In the editors it's now possible to specify how many times a position should be played. Old girlpacks are compatible, a position will play 100 times if not stated otherwise. (see:
New: In the editors you can set if a position uses a dildo or not. If yes and you haven't got a dildo, you can't play this position. Dildos can be bought in the drugstore. Old girlpacks are compatible.
New: MP4 support for editors

New: Lister will show tattoos, country and zodiac.
New: Lister will show if there is a Guid conflict between girls. The same girl ID will result in strange effects, e.g. same relationship level, girlfriend conflicts or wrong girlpack opened in lister. Use the editors to set a new ID.
New: Lister will show if there is an empty Guid attached to a girl. Also use the editors to set a new ID.

Change: Version number to 2.4.2