New in 2.5.1:

New: Girl AI simulation! All the girls in the game now have a basic simulated behavior. Each girl will go around the city, working, relaxing,
partying and (occasionally) sleeping. No more getting a girl drunk one place, only to find her sober 10 seconds later in the other end of the city!
This will make the city feel more alive, the girls more realistic and create more immersion in the game.
The girls will have a bi-weekly regular work schedule, which means that if there is a specific girl you want to flirt with, you can find out where
she works and when.
This is the very first version of the system an obviously a huge change in the gameplay. If everybody likes it, we may later expand it and integrate
it further into the game (allowing you to ask for the work schedule in the chat, for instance).

New: Get to know your girl. You will no longer have exact numbers for hotness, buzz and attraction for complete strangers. When you first meet a girl,
you will have a vague idea, but as you get to know her better, you will get more exact readings.

Change: Since the location of all the girls are now know, the map has been updated to hint where there are girls at any given time.

Change: The flirt popup has been changed around a bit to make it faster to browse girls. It's a bit different from the old one, but we hope you like it.

Fixed: Bug in Hospital. No time change during Healthcheck, Donate Blood, Work or CockEnlargement.
Fixed: Bugs in TwoGirlsEditor
Fixed: Bug with threesomes having 2 cumshots (show:
Fixed: Bug in phone book, if relationship level is too low for girl's scenes (show:
Fixed: You can now cancel VIP Stripclub membership. But do you want to? :)

New/Change: You can control videos with new buttons and sliders. Please note that you can't go backwards, it kinda defeats the purpose of playing a position again.

New/Change: More sex toys to play with. Old girlpacks are compatible, dildo flag is converted to new format.
New: Sex shop in ShoppingLocation, so you can buy all the sex toys.

New/Change: If the player has low charisma or reputation (for a new player), you can flirt with a girl, but can't have sex with her.
But there is a little chance to meet (and fuck) a horny girl in the locations.

Change: Open time for Housing Solutions

Change: A new look for the video window in Downtown and ability to resize it.

Change: Add night cycle to the Mall/Office (show:

New: Girl's image in PoliceControl
Change: Text in PoliceControl (show:

New: Added new location "Jail" (show:
New: Location "CafeWork" (show:

New: User settings for Hospital

New: In the sceneEditors you can see the playing videos in a extra large window. Click on the playing video with the left mouse button.

New/Change: The editors will write their data in small chunks now to conserve memory.

New/Change: Lister will show more hints/warnings (unnamed scenes and cumshots in stripclub locations).

New: FurnitureEditor and furnitures in the game (show:

Change: Design for PlayerEditor

Change: Version number to 2.5.1