New in 2.6.6:

Fixed: DowntownStreet location unavailable (show:
Fixed: Bug in TwoGirlsEditor (show:
Fixed: Energy bug by call sex (show:
Fixed: PrisonLocation without girls (show:

Change & modification: Cars can be added by users using CarEditor. Note: The pictures for cars must have extension PNG.
New: Cars can be upgraded. Some upgrades increase the risk of an accident, but also increase the resale value.
New: Upgrades will also lower the chance of a police bust in illegal street races.

Change: While creating a new player you can increase/decrease cock length by six points.

Change: Sex with a police girl is ending in the destination location. (show:

Change: The million lottery is played only once a week: On Sunday. (show:

Change: DirtyDream now works only for a new PositionLocation "Dream" and can use threesome scenes. (show:

Change: PositionLocation "HospitalDoctor" was renamed to "HospitalWork" (player is working) to avoid confusion with "Hospital" (player is patient).

Change: In Bank you can work as a apprentice (if you have 15 business points) or in hopital you can work as a assistant doctor (if you have 15 medical points). The salary was updated.

Change: Opening times for some locations.

New: In HospitalRoom while walking in hospital at night + during health check or in HospitalLocation during health check you have a chance to see a new event for voyeur. (same as Downtown, see version 2.1.2)
The hospital videos have to be in the new folder "HospitalVideos".

New: In Downtown you can put a Bitch girl to your favorite list (during sex). If you have any Bitch girls in this list and you visit Downtown, you can see a button in middle top of the side.
New: In Downtown you can take part in illegal street races. Each round will increase your winnings, but the chance for a police bust will also increase. Will you cash-in or risk another round?

New: Buy books or a PC for learning at home. (show:
In many location you must have a minimum of 15 university study points for work or 35 home study points, though.

New: Sex toys can be broken during sex. In the UserSettings you have a new entry "Chance of broken sex toy during sex". (show:
New: Furnitures can be broken during sex. In the UserSettings you have a new entry for this.

New: For a new player you can set a difficulty level (easy, medium or hard). It works only for a new player, old savegames use the easy level.
The difficulty level has an effect on learning, work-outs, flirting and sex for increase or decrease the stats.

New in Editors: Cock length in the GirlDetails to set the prefered min. and max. cock length. (show:

New for SceneEditors: Set a second sex toy for the position.

New for TwoGirlsEditor: Save a selected girl from girl lists as single girlpack without CommonScene(s).
Import another TwoGirlspack into the current girlpack.

Lister shows a hint if partner type is not set to either white or black at non-stripclub locations.
New: You can export all shown girlpack parameters to a CSV file in Lister.

Change: Version number to 2.6.6