New in 2.7.3:

Fixed: Bug in Beach-, Gym- and Poollocation: Add no hours if you can't work-out or swim.
Fixed: Bug in Banklocation: "Cannot navigate while a popup is active." during flirt.
Fixed: Bug during Cafework or Policestation (show:
Fixed: Bug with stolen car (show:
Fixed: Bug in harbor, if you relax right before night time (show:
Fixed: Bug in Sexlocation with star background (show:
Fixed: Only show simulated girls in bordello and stripclub locations, either normal or VIP.
Fixed: Bug in TwoGirlsEditor, if importing a single girlpack (show:
Fixed: Bug in Downtown, if threesome (show:
Fixed: Bug in Dream (show:
Fixed: Bug in Hospitalroom. No time was added by sleep.

New: InfoBar on the right side of the game for reduce clicks to close popups. (show:

New: Take a vacation either in the Caribbean or the Alps. (show:
New: Meet special girls on vacation (new location "Skiing", new special locations "HolidayBar" and "HolidayNightclub").
New: If you have a girlfriend, you can take her on vacation.

New: Work as a pilot and meet hot stewardesses (new location "AirplaneWork").
New: Join the mile high club while flying to your vacation (new location "Airplane").

New: If your girlfriend have a girlfriend, she can visit her and you can have sex with both.

Change: Phonebook = If you call a girl during day time, no night-scenes should be available and the opposite for the night-scenes.

New in SceneEditors: Scene name will be initialized by location. Locations, which open only at day, will set the scene time to 'Day'.

New in Editors: Context menu in scene lists extended by Add/Edit/Remove.
New in Editors: Added "Remove all" to context menu.
New in Editors: New context menu entry to save all scenes in one go.
New in Editors: New entry to import all scenes by multiselecting them. If you hit "Cancel" in the scene editor the whole import will be aborted at that scene.
New in Editors: Added SpecialLocation and HomePositionLocation to stored scenes. Attention: Old scenes cannot be imported, so include them in girlpacks.
Change in Editors: Saving scenes will be aborted if the target files already exist.