New in 2.8.3:

Fixed: Add image for position location 'Skiing' as background in sex locations. (show:
Fixed: Save/Load HotelWork hours.
Fixed: Add girl correctly to second list in TwoGirlsEditor, if common scene is omitted.
Fixed: VLC console and log is working again (show:

New: You can buy a new sex toy "BondageSet". (show:
New: Work as pizza delivery boy in DownTown and meet sexy ladies. New positionlocation in SceneEditor is "Pizzeria". (show:
New/Change: Working as a teacher has now its own location "SchoolWork". (show:
New/Change: The Bar opens a litte bit earlier and work has been shortened to 1 hour. (show:
New: Threesomes are now possible in Bordello and VIP Bordello locations. (show:
New: Threesomes are also possible in Stripclub and VIP Stripclub locations.
New: Sex in the Nightclub. The position location in SceneEditor is 'NightClubSex'.
New: A girl from your phonebook can call you at home (or hotel room). There is a new chance for this in the user settings.
New: SexChat after home learning on your PC. New position location in SceneEditor is "SexChat". Girl rating and req. relation greater than "1" control the cost of the scene. Cumshot during SexChat is disabled!

Change: During vacation you can fly home after the third day. (show:
Change: Varible school holidays between one, two or three weeks. The interval for the next holidays can be between three to six weeks.

New in Editors: Introduced a vertical scroll bar for small screen resolutions. (show:
New in Editors: Added options, you can now set the buffer size for saving girlpacks. (show:

Change in SceneEditors: Increase the maximum required arousal in editor.
New in SceneEditors: Ensure that a file can only be added once to the positions, otherwise you will get an exception on saving the scene later.