New in 2.9.5:

Fixed: No more endless sex on airplane. (show:
Fixed: In SexChat the buttons displayed the ChatButtonText

New: Three new accessories for player (rolex watch, good and fine suit) provide more attraction for girls in locations.
New location: Photo Studio, the scene location for girls is "Model". If you have sex with a model, you see a new camera button on the right side up to make snapshots from the model.
New: Option for preferred girl order during flirting.
New: You can call a whore at home (or hotel). It's based on location "Bordello" or "VIP Bordello".
New: You can work as a masseur in Downtown. There is a new location "MassageWork" in the scene editors.
New: Background images in sex locations now work with girl's home, too.

New in Editors: Save or load girl phrases.
New in Editors: New tool in scene editors to enumerate same position names (e.g. "Doggy", "Doggy 2", "Doggy 3")
New in Editors: Show total media size for each scene to quickly check if a newer girlpack version uses better video compression.
New in Editors: Automatically replace text from file to position names, e.g. "-" to " ". Will also be used during nice name tool. Can be changed in the editor options.
New in Editors: Larger size of scene editors, video buttons re-arranged, show meta data from video
New in Editors: Save and show the last four opening packs.
New in Editors: While importing a scene the girl's name is used to filter all the files in the scene path.
New in TwoGirlsEditor: Remove all common scenes.

Change in Editors: Convert videos or girlpacks in MP4 in high quality.

Change: SexChat will honor the play count, the pay button will no longer be activated. (show:
Change: Larger resize for video window in fullscreen.
Change: New button style during mouse hover.