New in 3.0.0:

Fixed bug in Downtown: No girls available for Masseur. Fallback, if no girls want your services.
Girlfriend related bugs
Play threesome scene started from phone book, if the girl is second in that scene (show:
Do the same, if you get a call from one of the phone book girls (show:
Don't play holiday scenes in EventClub location (show:

New: Added location "HandymanWork", where you can deliver special services to women after setting up an adverticement at the mall.
New: Threesomes can now use any girl pairing.
New: Call your buddy, so you two can pick up girls together. Only works if your girlfriend isn't at home.
New: Scenes you have already seen are now indicated by a dark green button. You have to save all your old girlpacks to make this work.
New: If the girlfriend has threesome scenes, these scenes are now available in clubs.
New: Take your girlfriend to all locations. If she is with you this will be indicated by a text in the status bar.

New in PlayerEditor: Add image of your buddy to an existing savegame.
New in PlayerEditor: Tools to reset relations, telephone numbers and scene counters.

New in TwoGirlsEditor: Redesign to support all girl pairings.
New in Editors: Support of H265 using the newest FFmpeg. You can now specify the convert mode in the editor options.
New in Editors: "Convert Girlpack" was rewritten so it will start where you left the last session (killed the process).
New in Editors: Show a warning if girl's image exceeds 400x400 pixels or 100 KiB.
New in Lister: Show "Image too large" hint for the same reason.
New in Editors: Set "Buddy present" in the scene, if a second guy is present.
New in Lister: New column "SceneId". It has to be "True" for the "already seen" game feature.
New in Editors: Show a warning if girl's scene names appear more than once.
New in Lister: Show "Scene name not unique" hint for the same reason.
New in scene editors: Show total arousal values as footer in the position list. Player arousal is dependent of girl rating.

Change: Redesigned inventory popup and all store popups where you can buy items.

Updating aiml files in the folder 'aiml' for handyman work.