New in 3.0.4:

Fixed: Working as handyman, if relation isn't high enough (show:
Fixed: No handyman girls available
Use correct relationship level for girlfriend, if you have sex with both a single girl and her (show:
Fixed: If threesome scene has to be swapped to the one from the first girl (with media data), also swap girls. Only that way the girls' arousal match according to the scene.

New: Girls with the same ID and name are now merged, if they are from different girlpacks.
New: A girl will refuse going with you, if she isn't satisfied with your car.
New: Threesome scenes are working for HandymanLocation.
New: Show a buddy icon in girl pickup dialogs (next to telephone and tattoo icons).

New in scene editors: Positions are now inserted at the current selection in the list.
New in scene editors: mousewheel over video and the right mouse button plays or paused the video.
New in Editors: Get girl's ID from another girlpack to link them together.
New in Editors: Show info before converting girlpacks (show:

New in Lister: Warning, if a threesome scene does not contain the girls' IDs. The IDs are needed to merge threesome girls. Edit and save the common scene to fix this.
New in Lister: Option dialog to show/hide columns.
New in Lister: Show hint "Starting girl arousal not 0", if you are at a location without possibility to raise girl's arousal, e.g. using wine (show:
New in Lister: Filter girl's name