New in 3.1.0:

Fixed: Call a whore and get a Handyman message during her transition.
Repeatedly double-clicking the background of "Load Game" without selecting save game.
Fixed: Bug when phone girls call you.
Bug if you visit your hotel room after 1 day absence from home. (show:

Change: Remove girls from Holiday Bar & Holiday Nightclub from the Event Club (show:
Change in Phonebook: Better search for the correct scene, remove girls without a scene.
Change to phone girls calling you: Randomize scenes (show:
Change: The windows for dream girls or street/hospital movies are zoomed to game window size (show:
Change: The info bar vanishes after some seconds, if the game window is maximized. (show:
Change: You can use the mouse wheel over the video in DirtyDream and SexChat to change positions.
Change: Only "Bedroom" and "Any" home positions are selected in holiday clubs. (show:

Change in Editors: Editors will now save and import scenes using the same routines like in girlpacks, so backward compatibility is ensured. Remember to import old scenes before upgrading the editors.
Change in Editors: Saving a girl to a new girlpack will no longer create video files, they are not needed for the girlpack.
Change in Editors: Saving scenes will no longer create video files, they are not needed for the scene files. Use "extract scene" instead, if you need the media files.
Change in SceneEditors: Added *.mkv videos for cumshots (show:

New: Work as a burglar. Break into houses while driving around the city.
New: Get disturbed by girls during your break-ins. New location "Burglary".
New: Previous sex positions can be deactivated, e.g. if a girl strips her clothes. Combine this with play count, if needed. (show:
New: Sex toy "Double Dong" (show:
New: Home position "Garden" (show:
New: New furnitures for the new home position "Garden" and new furnitures for "Kitchen", "Bed" and "Living room".
New: Can you find the secret Fetish Club? New locations "Fetish" and "Dominatrix" (show:

New in Editors: Get all personal data of a girl with the same name from another girlpack, not just the ID.
New in Editors: You can now sort all single scenes by name/relation/location before publishing a girlpack.
New in Editors: Now you are able to multiselect scenes by Ctrl-clicking them and save the selected ones to disk.
New in Editors: You can now multiselect and remove scenes, too.
New in Editors: Multiselect is enabled for extracting scenes. Also, there is a new "extract all" menu command.
New in Editors: You can add new phrases for sex texts while fucking a girl, depending upon her arousal. (show:
New in scene editors: Convert position to cumshot and vice versa. Remember, cumshots won't be played in Stripclubs, so you have to convert them to a position.
New in scene editors: Insert a new position/cumshot before the currently selected one or add them after the selection.
New in scene editors: Position/cumshot list works with multiselect to remove entries, Ctrl-click the items.

New in Lister: New columns "MediaSize (MiB)" and "PackSize (MiB)", show/hide them via options.
New in Lister: Display mode can now be changed between "List with details" and "Plain list".
New in Lister: 3rd display mode "Images" with girl's picture and name only. Double-clicking will load the girlpack as usual.
New in Lister: New hint "Duplicate full name". Perhaps a merge is possible, consider getting the girl's ID/data from the other pack.
New in Lister: New hint "Duplicate scene ID". Perhaps the same scene is part of another pack, consider removing one of them.
New in Lister: Option dialog to enable/disable specific hints. Some checks (duplicate girl/scene/name) take some time to complete.
New in Lister: New hint "Girl's rating doesn't match scene requirements". Either edit the girl's rating or change your game options (min/max rating for locations).