New in 3.1.6:

Attention: Please update Cars.carpack!!!

Event filter for zodiac and country (show:, please reset them.
Fixed: Phonebook: You could not meet a girl on Sunday.
Bug with phonegirl transition and handyman.
You were able to invite a whore with too low relation (show:
Editors can now save the girl's image to the given directory (show:

Change: The 'NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT' in the Mall was disabled if you work as a burglar.
Change: You can't work as a burglar if you work as a handyman.
Change in Editors: Interests and phrases now occupy the same row to get more space for the scene list.
Change in Editors: The "Girl's home" property has been moved from girl to scene data. Now you can mark only those pink bedrooms and leave the other ones alone.
Change in scene editors: Tool menu was moved to position list context menu.
Change in scene editors: Remove all leading non-letter characters while using nice position names (show:

New: You can now go into the rooms/locations at your home. Activities will be available according to the room.
New: Navigate to rooms/locations at your home via picture buttons on the left side.
New: Drive to City via picture buttons on the top. They show your car/bicycle or a taxi.
New: If your girlfriend visits you or you are at your girl's place, you have to find the girl to have sex with her. Search for her, she will tell you the room she's in.
New: Show the furnitures you bought in each room.
New: You can throw out furnitures to buy new/better ones. Right-click the furniture shown in the room to do this.
New: Show sex toys needed for position as hint window.
New: Your girlfriend will get mad if she's at your home and you call another girl/your buddy/a whore.
New in User Setting: Under the Misc tab you can set another folder for Scoreville, e.g. on an external or bigger drive.
New: Eat! You must eat something. Do it at home in your kitchen or in the cafe, in the bar/restaurant or hotel bar. There are new items you can buy for a meal at home.
New: New stat "Hygiene". Many activities have an effect on hygiene. Take a shower or go swimming to reduce the effect.
New: Pre-sex and sex locations show the background according to home position, see also: Scene editors.
New: Winter is coming! Some locations are not available between November and February.
New: From December 24 to 26 you can see a christmas tree in your home. Set it in User Settings (Misc. tab) from "No" to "Yes".

New in Editors: You can now abort long save or extract operations.
New in Editors: Girls can be multi-selected, it's now easier to split one large girlpack into several small ones.
New in Editors: Working paths were consolidated, now there are only GirlScenes and ExtractedScenes.
New in scene editors: Sort locations (show:
New in scene editors: Scrollbars, if window contents is larger than screen resolution
New in scene editors: Word list for search & replace/spelling for use with nice position names (show:
New in scene editors: Scene home position will set the starting background, each position/cumshot can change it to a different background. Improve your girlpacks!
New in scene editors: You can now skip to the previous/next video to quickly check if all of them play.

New in Lister: Column "Sex Toys", show/hide it via options.