New in 3.2.2:

Please update Furniture.furniturepack!

Crash on mouse hover over bicycle button at home, after car was stolen.
Disable "Have sex" button for Burglary/PoliceStation, if relationship too low (show:
Threesomes will now play in VIP Bordello, if second girl selected.
No more gray background in bordellos, if home position is not "Any".
No more vanishing positions in second dirty dream and onward.

Change: Chance of snowfall in Winter. Set it in User Settings (Chance tab).
Change: Sex chat will now use position name instead of chat button text.

Change in Editors: Saving girlpacks will create a temporary copy on target drive by default, the designated temp folder (mainly on OS partition) can be used optionally.

New: "HolidayBeach" and "HolidayPool" in SpecialLocation work only in TropicalLocation (show:
For example: Location "Pool" and SpecialLocation "HolidayPool" works only in TropicalLocation. Location "Pool" and SpecialLocation "Any" works in SwimmingpoolLocation.
New: Take a meal in Tropical- or WinterLocation.
New: Scenes can be made available on special calendar days only.
New: Option to enable/disable the sex toy tool tip during sex scenes (show:
New: Option to enable/disable an additional blur effect on the background image (show:
New: 4 new rooms in mansion: Balcony (also in LuxuryApartment), BilliardRoom, GymRoom and Sauna
New: Player items "Bathrobe" and "Towel" for Sauna, "Shampoo" and "Soap" for Bathroom
New: Miscellaneous option to invert mouse wheel scrolling on sliders and in girl/furniture/car selection dialogs.
New: Work as a Taxi driver and earn money. Drive passengers (girls) around the Scoreville town. New locations are "TaxiDrive" and "TaxiOffice".
New: New game location Outskirts, where you can work as a farm boy or serve in the military. New locations are "Farm" and "Military".
New: Take a meal in Scoreville's new first diner: McScoreville's! New location is "Diner".

New in Editors: Remove multiple selected girls.
New in Editors: Warning message, if girl to be removed has still got scenes.
New in Editors: Support for progress in taskbar icon.
New in Editors: Show privacy warning after saving, if girlpack contains directory structure.

New in scene editors: Warnings, if some scene or position properties aren't set.
New in scene editors: change the arousal from girl or player or change the home position for multiple selected positions via mouse right click.

New in Lister: Column "Calender Event", show/hide it via options.