New in 3.2.9:

Fixed in TwoGirlsSceneEditor:
For multiple selected positions you can't change the arousal for the second girl and can't change the home position.
Scene in phonebook during school holiday.
Can't drive to school location.
Stop running timers if quitting the game in military base or jail (show:
Sex scene with girlfriend and her girlfriend (show:
Girlfriend handling at home, if she has no home scenes (show:

New: Girl's Home is now available for threesomes and two girls.
New: New cars and new upgrades for cars.
New: Evening classes in the University. It's open from 18 to 23 o'clock betwwen monday and friday.
New: Work as an Investment Banker in the Bank, earn more money with a higher risk of bankruptcy.
New: Work as a Chief Physician in the Hopital, earn more money with a higher risk because of botch jobs.
New for 7 jobs: You must go to the evening classes and learn, if the last work was a long time ago.
New: Sin concept. Each sexual encounter will raise this value depending on the number of girls. There is the chance of the same value that you feel ashamed of yourself and won't have sex.
New: Church location, where you can confess your sins or work as a priest. Position locations are "Nun" and "Priest".
New: Chance encounter during city transition for a wedding, new location is "Wedding".

New in scene editors / game: Set a scene to blowjob only. In the game the girl arousal is not shown.
New in editors: Context menu on phrase list, added "Remove all" function.
New in editors: Missing countries added.
New in editors: You can now sort all girls by name before publishing a girlpack.
New in editors: Main window is resized on start-up, if initial height is larger than desktop height.
New in scene editors: Show warning, if home position of scene does not match first position.
New in TwoGirlsEditor: Swap girls of common scene.

Changed: More robust car/car upgrades/furniture pack loading, erroneous files are skipped.
Changed: Prices for the cars.
Changed: Moved aviation study to the Airport.
Changed: The University is open up to 23 o'clock.
Changed: Library is always open during university opening times. New location is "Library" in the scene editors.
Changed: Rename 1 hour Shower to Bath, more hygiene and energy points during bath or shower.
Changed: No dropdown menu while buying furnitures, use the left buttons to switch to the home location furnitures.
Changed: Cumshots will now be played in stripclubs. They are added after all positions, since there is no girl arousal.
Changed: Use your own vehicle to drive to a phone girl's location rather than use a taxi. This will take 1 hour if you only have a bicycle, so rent a car first.
Changed in TwoGirlsEditor: A common scene can now be loaded to any girl pairing. Use this to duplicate parts for other girls.