New in 3.3.5:

Fixed: Buy furnitures for player room (show:
Fixed: Player cannot sleep in the hotel penthouse suite, if not in holidays.

New: Introducing more than 2 girls per scene. Former TwoGirlsPacks will be converted.
Up to 3 girl images per scene are shown. If more girls take part a small counter will appear.
New: During the fuck again popup you can choose to fuck multiple girls or each individual girl again.
You can visit your buddy's home and hope for a surprise visit of girl(s). Scene property "Girl's home" was changed to "Home" with values Player/Girl/Buddy.
Introduction of girl solo/lesbian scenes. You can now spy on girls at all locations, except clubs. Spying at home locations can only be done at player's/girl's/buddy's home. Scene property "Only Blowjob" was changed to "Satisfaction" with values Both/Male/Female.
Railroad stations on the city map. Take the train through Scoreville. Meet girls at the stations or on the train. The new position location are "RailroadStation" and "RailroadTrain".
Meet a girl while riding a bicycle, new location is "Bicycle".
New: Go on foot to the city, next to driving with car or taxi.
New: Some new animated GIFs for Street Racing or Fight Club in Downtown.
New: Girls, cars and furnitures are reloaded if you change the game's base directory via settings.
New: Pictograms for location on the city map.

Changed: Evening classes can now be chosen, if several jobs require them at the same time.
Changed: Random chance to meet a girl while moving through the city, "SexInCar" and "DowntownStreet" are available during city transition.

Removed: TwoGirlsEditor, all packs can be loaded and edited with the normal Editor.